Contrary to popular belief, weight gain is not primarily calorie driven, it is primarily hormone driven. Three of the major hormones involved in weight management are; Insulin, Leptin, and Cortisol.

Insulin is the body’s main fat making hormone, the higher our insulin levels, the fatter we will become. In order to lose fat, we must lower insulin. Leptin is designed to help us stop eating and not over eat. Unfortunately, high insulin levels block leptins beneficial effects. Major causes of high insulin levels are the three “S’s”; Starch, Sugar, and Stress. Science based strategies such as; Ketogenic Diets, Time Restricted Eating, Intermittent Fasting, Extended Fasting, and Carbohydrate Cycling have been shown to enhance weight loss by lowering insulin levels and allowing leptin to do its job.

Cortisol is produced in higher amounts in response to Stress, and stress will make us fatter in the following manner. Higher cortisol levels will raise blood sugar levels, higher blood sugar levels will raise insulin levels, and higher insulin levels will make us fatter. Standardized Botanical Extracts (SBE) can be used to help manage stress levels and cortisol production, thereby lowering insulin levels and enhancing weight loss.

By applying proven methods of dietary manipulation, and stress management, long term weight loss can be achieved. An in-depth analysis of the science surrounding, hormones, starch, sugar, stress, weight gain, and weight loss, as well as breakthrough strategies to address these complex concerns are linked below.